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Independent asset managers

The merits of diversification, the ease of association

When you join CDMA’s partnership program, you get the benefit of diversification for a portion of your assets under management, and the confidence that investments are made following our systematic trading methodology of absolute return.


It takes just a few simple steps to increase your reach…

  • Open a segregated account for your client(s) in one of our custodian houses
  • Select between our three account types and our three investment schemes according to amounts of capital to be invested and the desired percentage of capital preservation
  • Access the chosen trading platform online in order to have a real-time view of the accounts and all the transactions


…And to embrace our broad vision for profit-sharing

We believe in spreading the profit gained from all areas of client asset management:

  • Management fees (earned in relation to managed accounts)
  • Performance fees
  • Brokerage fees

The actual level of profit-sharing is dependent on the volume of business and the assets under management


Join forces with CDMA, it makes sense to multiply expertise